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Ever wondered what’s in the box? The one on the top shelf? Why is it there? Why were you told not to look it in? Could it really be so bad?

With a plethora of costume changes, a pantheon of Gods and a prohibited peek into a pithos, The Last Baguette retell the preposterous and problematic story of Pandora.

A gallop through Greek mythology featuring goofy gods, hilarious heroines & daft deities. Join the Baguettes as they lift the lid on this classic myth with physical comedy, visual storytelling, live music, un-Apollo-getically bad puns and lo-fi special effects.
A show for anyone aged 6 to 126 who’s ever asked why.

Written by Tiff Woodsmith 

Directed by Susanah Alcuntrad
Designed by Laura McEwan with original composition by Aisha Ali
Choreography by Lucy Thynne 

Photography by Robert Auckland
Stage management by Chaz Webb

With: Lucy Harrington, Tristan GreenPhilippa Hambly and Sidney Robb

on track photo.jpeg

A new play drawing on true stories and using RedCape Theatre's trademark blend of comedy and visual, physical theatre, On Track follows Kit's journey of discovery through the history of women's cycling. 

Exploring the effects of isolation on mental health and showing how a simple bicycle can become a vehicle to freedom once again, On Track will inspire you to pump up your tyres and ride out on a new adventure too. 

Tour performed by Pip Hambly
Original idea and performance by Cassie Friend

Written by Catherine Dyson

Directed by Cassie Friend, Rebecca Loukes and Sabina Netherclift

Produced by Lucy Bird

Production Manager: Adrian Croton
Set Design: Martin West
Sound Design: Dan Bryan

drama of dissection.webp

Currently in development

Since the summer of 2022, Chimera has been brewing a new performance about, with and for medical students. It's about an important rite of passage into medical professionalism: students' first encounter with the body of a deceased donor as part of their learning of Anatomy. This can be an emotional experience: existential and ethical anxiety mix with awe, wonder and morbid fascination.

Drawn from observations and interviews with first year medical students about their time in the King's iconic Dissecting Rooms. 


 In March 2023 we shared our interim findings and experiments at an event at Science Gallery London.

Concept and Direction Alex Mermikides

Puppetry: Alicia Britt

Lighting Design & Magic: Jon M Armstrong

Sound Design: Matt Urmenyi

Movement: Phil Hambly

Dramaturgy: Bex Law

The project is also supported by colleagues at King's College London, including Dr Tanya ShawDr Mandeep Gill SagooKirsty Massetti and Dr Bernadette O'Neill.  

Arthur one.jpeg

a fun and farcical family adventure

Somewhere in Britain, a long time ago, a very, very, very long time ago. So long ago that nobody quite knows whether it happened or not. Or where it happened or not.

A boy pulled a sword from a stone and became King. A story of the old world, with knights, wizards, mist and magic.
This fun and farcical adventure is a deliberately anarchic and anachronistic re-telling of the Arthurian Legend with live music, physical comedy and lo-fi acrobatics. 

Written by Tiff Woodsmith 

Directed by John Nicholson
Designed by Bronia Housman with original composition by Aisha Ali
Choreography by Lucy Thynne 

Photography by Robert Auckland
Stage management by Chaz Webb

With: Megan BrooksTristan GreenPhilippa Hambly and Sidney Robb


Stories from a simpler time.

In the night, a thick tangled root had grown from the boys navel,

and a tough fleshy root had grown from the girls navel, and these roots were connected to their mothers navel, rooting the three of them together. 

They tried to cut the roots. But they could not….


Created by 1927

Directed & Written by Suzanne Andrade

Film, Animation & Design by Paul Barritt

Co-Direction: Esme Appleton

Music by Lillian Henley

Associate Direction & Design Esme Appleton

Costume by Sarah Munro

Assistant Director: Dominic Biddle

Animation Assistant: Anne Rotzek

Composers Assistant: Max Gallagher

Production Manager: Nathan Johnson

Producer: Jo Crowley

Performed by David Insua-Cao, Francesca Simmons, Genevieve Dunne & Philippa Hambly

Storytellers:  Carmel McNeil-O’Connor, Daksha Scaramagli, David Appleton, Joan Brooks, Karl Mengs, Kazuko Hohki, Lesley Ewen, MJ James, Nigel Hunt, Pete Brooks, Phil Shaw,  Rocky Shahan & Wendy Barritt

Photography Credit: Leigh Webber

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.56.36.png

1927’s Golem is not a re-telling or adaptation of the Golem myth but an original story that examines the relationship between an extraordinarily ordinary man, and his Golem...


Golem premiered at Salzburg State Theatre, Salzburg Festival, Austria on 22 August 2014.

In 2018, it was captured on film by The Space, which debuted on BBC4 in November 2018.

Created by 1927

Directed & Written by Suzanne Andrade

Film, Animation & Design by Paul Barritt

Music by Lillian Henley

Associate Direction & Design Esme Appleton

Sound Design by Laurence Owen

Costume by Sarah Munro

Dramaturgy: Ben Francombe

Animation Associate: Derek Andrade

Drums & Percussion: Will Close

Projection Screen Design: James Lewis

Set Built by Joe Marchant & West Yorkshire Playhouse

Costume Construction Sarah Munro, Assisted by Martha Copeland

Production Manager: Helen Mugridge & Andres Velasquez

Sound Technician: Chris Prosho

Producer: Jo Crowley

Performed by: Shamira Turner, Rose Robinson, Will Close, Esme Appleton, Lilian Henley, Genevieve Dunne, Philippa Hambly, Nathan Gregory, Rowena Lennon, Felicity Sparks

Bru Theatre - Cleite by Julia Dunin Photography-34.jpg

She Waits. The Sun Sets. Sailors Die.

A piece of mask theatre inspired by the Claddagh in the west of Ireland, Cleite tells the story of a Fisherwoman waiting for her husband to return from sea. Featuring live Sean Nós songs and based on superstitions of the old fishing communities of the West of Ireland, this piece was devised in Katie’s Cottage, Claddagh, a restored cottage and museum.

Created & Directed by James Riordan
Performed by Philippa Hambly
with singer Cáitlín Ní Chualaín
Produced by Jill Murray
Mask by Orla Clougher
Costume Cheri White
Filmed by Mia Mullarky



A dance/theatre performance about nurses. Well, it’s about what it means to care – especially at a time when multiple calls are being made on our compassion. The show puts its audience in the care of five over-stretched nurses, asking: what happens when our capacity to care reaches its limits?  

Careful is supported using public funding by Arts Council England in collaboration with Kingston University Nursing dept.

Performers: Archana Ballal, Philippa Hambly, Thalia-Marie Papadopoulos, Helena Rice, Dominique Vannod

Direction: Alex Mermikides

Choreography: Adam Kirkham

Composer/ sound: Milton Mermikides

Lights: Andrew Nasrat

Article in Critical Stages


Bali Tiger.

Dusky Seaside Sparrow, Cinnamon-coloured Cryptic Treehunter, Psychedelic Rock Gecko, Fire Millipede From Hell.  

One human. Twenty-six thousand animals. A wild exploration of life in an age of extinction. 


Made with the support of UCL Performance Lab, Arts Council England, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, and Pound Arts.

Performer and Director – Tom Bailey 

Dramaturgy and movement – Philippa Hambly

Associate Director – Guy Jones

Sound design – Andrew Cooke

Projection design – Limbic Cinema

Lighting Design – Will Leighton


An everyday story of epic courage, love and loss told through the hands of a piano player and the lens of a photographer.

Produced by: Turtle Key Arts
Directors: Cassie Friend & Rebecca Loukes
Writer: Catherine Dyson
Performers: Will Dickie & Philippa Hambly
Sound Design: Andrew Dawson
Design & Costumes: Tina Bicat
Lighting Design: Aideen Malone



Northeast England Autumn 2015

UK National tour Autumn 2016

Plymouth Drum 2017

House touring 2018


Lydia Fraser Ward - Hey Siri


Conceived by Lydia Fraser- Ward

Digital art: Jamie Gledhill

Performer: Philippa Hambly

Collaborator: Gemma Bicknell


Supported by MetalCulture


Presented as part of Women of Mass Destruction III: Women vs Technology at Richmix, London.

'Gloria' Teatro Envilo_edited.jpg

Original conception and performers

Fiona Clift, Andrea Jiménez, Noemi Rodríguez, Blanca Solé


Co- collaborators and performers

Roisin O'Mahoney, Philippa Hambly, Ariana Cárdenas, Esther Ramos


Dramaturgical support: David Kantounas

Lighting and sound: Fergus Waldron


Awarded BEST EMERGING ENSEMBLE at London Mimetic Festival 2013

Performed in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

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