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Freelance, independent performer, theatre maker, writer and pedagogue. Ex-nurse.

Training: Devised Theatre & Performance at London International School of Performing Arts. 

MA in Integral Movement & Performance Practice from and Rose Bruford.

Working primarily with mask, movement, mime and clown, I'm interested in ways that performance might point both to the deeply human, and the more than human. I am in interested in where stories come from, in playing with form, in empathy, the archaic, situated knowledges, the feminine, and the place where individual experience meets the universal... 

Associate of Brú Theatre, and regular collaborator with 1927 and Chimera

Based between the UK and Berlin.

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The Story So Far...

At some point, I suppose I realised I was curious. 


This website is a portfolio of things that have happened since then. 

I also suppose, like life (ha), no two artistic journeys are the same. Recurring trajectories and patterns of evolution seem to be visible for artists of certain types, but from my limited view, they mostly seem to appear later on, after the groundwork's been laid and the first threshold crossed. The one between yes and no. Between staying or going. The threshold that appears like an abyss. The one you launch yourself across into a life of I-have-no-idea-where-this-is-going-but-fuck-it-I'll-go-anyway. After which, hopefully, some semblance of a road bubbles up. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in life when this happens. I'm still not sure what mine looks like. Maybe, what I've called a single threshold is actually a series of fragmentary moments scattered across a continuum of time spent being alive in the world, able to make stuff, like decisions or lunch or art. I love the pretentious. 

In brief, because bios are mostly always nauseating, I've performed with various lovely companies, toured extensively in UK and played in theatre festivals and venues around the world mostly thanks to 1927. I was awarded a Kone Foundation fellowship in 2015, and selected for the inaugural IdeasHub interdisciplinary residency at the Wellcome Trust 2018. Having originally trained and worked as a nurse, I regularly collaborate with Chimera developing resources and facilitating drama workshops for student nurses. I've contributed as an Assessor for the Total Theatre Awards at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Over lockdown, I completed a pedagogical journey at and since 2020 have been teaching at the school on the devised theatre programme. I have a lot of questions about theatre and performance, teaching and being part of the artistic process of others is, for me, a wonderful chance to keep exploring.

It's thanks to a collection of amazing and brilliant humans, artists, teachers, producers, programmers, and funders that I've done anything at all and I am very grateful to everyone who's ever taken a chance on me. This sounds like someone's died. So I think I'll leave that there. 

Quotes are nice. Someone very great once said "somewhere between sincerity and parody is the clown". I might have paraphrased. Nonetheless, if this was Gilgamesh type story, I guess that elusive C-spot would be my elixir of life. 


Oh Yes... how very fond I am of the pretentious.